Soft Silicone Massage Scrubber Pet Bath Brush with Soap Dispenser-CMBB22010


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 100 1.3 
101 - 500 3.85 % 1.25 
501 - 1,000 8.46 % 1.19 
1,001+ 20.77 % 1.03 


  • squeeze slightly and the shampoo can easily come out, shower brush scrub away dirt, remove dead skin and loose fur, bring your dog a very comfortable bath and massage soothing effect 
  • wash brush is designed with a soap shampoo container dispenser which is refillable and easy to squeeze by creating rich foam
  • special non-slip Hand grip design easily fit your hands not only save space hanging storage also offers a comfortable grasp 
  • food-grade silicone, super soft bristle, comfortable and suitable for pet’s skin
  • gentler touch, friendly to your pet


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