Poop Bag-compostable-23*35-L-0.023euro/pc, 0.345euro/roll




15pcs/roll, 8 rolls/pack, 50 packs/box

Size: 23*35cm, MOQ:20,000rolls

Compostable poop bag, meet EN13432/ASTM D 6400, one environmental colour printing on the bag 

Easy to tear off


Fit into most types of the poop bag dispensers 

Not transparent, good coverage 

The sticker is easy to peel off without breaking the first bag. 

Other Sizes: XS(17.5cm*30cm), S(20cm*33cm), M(23cm*33cm) and L(23*35cm) or customised sizes

Package options: Display carton box or any customised family pack

Please send us an email to sales@agfpet.com with your inquiry. Our sales will contact you in one working day. Thank you.


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